Sunday, June 28, 2009

Bachmann-hysteria overdrive

I mean, I can't swear she's consciously and actively engaged in a contest with Palin, but we can all be forgiven reaching the conclusion.
This on the climate change bill the House passed Saturday:
But what is worse than this is the fact that now because of this underlying bill, the federal government will virtually have control over every aspect of lives for the American people.

Does that include grammar? Because if the government can clean up the way Bachmann speaks, I might be willing to sacrifice my Twinkies or light spanking or whatever it is Bachmann thinks they want to take away from me.

I've also reached a new hypothesis about the representative for the lucky state of Minnesota: Is it possible she just is lazy? If she overreacts like this to passage of a climate change bill, it seems reasonable to assume she would oppose, if more temperately, just about any bill. She clearly thinks the role of the federal government is not to make law or, you know, govern. And yet she's a U.S. representative! Why did she become one? What is it she thinks she should be doing with her time, short of campaigning for re-election? If they come for me in the night, you'll know I was on to something with this.


Megan said...

This is what has always confused me about Republicans. There's a lot of talk about how government sucks, but, I mean, so what does that make them? Are they all spies working to bring it down from the inside? Because they sure are sucking at it, is all.

I can clown Michelle Bachman with the best of them and have a jolly good time doing so, but it's her abuse of the English language that tends to get me murderous. My priorities are probably kinda out of whack that way.

troy said...

She and Palin do seem to have gone to the same unfinishing school, don't they?

Megan said...

I am eagerly awaiting your comments on the events of this afternoon, Mr. Troy.