Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Another Beatles scoop

Our second this week! Man, if people were actually reading this blog, we'd be famous.

Anyway, the internet is bemoaning the news that guitar controllers for the Beatles' Rock Band entry will be sold separately, reportedly at $99 each for John's Rickenbacker and George's Gretsch. They believe the $250 entitles them to more than just the game, Paul's Hofner, Ringo's drums, and a mic stand.

But if you go to the game's home page ... I don't know. That looks like John's Epiphone Casino to me. Wouldn't that mean it's in the bundle as well?


Megan said...

See, sadly, I'm pretty sure the Casino on the official site is just there for scenery.

For what it's worth, assuming the replica guitars work the way traditional Rock Band guitars work, you should be able to play guitar OR bass with the Hofner piece. And you'll also be able to use the game with regular Rock Band guitars, which are available at a much more reasonable price. These replica guitars are for completists, I think-- completists with more money than I have.

troy said...

I would sooner play guitar with a non-Beatles guitar than with the Hofner. Does that make me a freak?

Yes. Yes it does. But for chrissakes. The Hofner's lefty!

In a related story, I was slated to play Schroeder from Peanuts in the fourth-grade play until I insisted on playing his prop (non-working) piano 'authentically,' whatever the hell I meant by that. I don't remember what I actually ended up playing. I wanna say a tree.