Monday, May 4, 2009

Beatles, for sale (again)

Haven't seen this anywhere. Just noticed that the remasters are up on I had been wondering where they'd be priced.


Please Please Me: $13.99
With the Beatles: $14.99
A Hard Day's Night: $13.99
For Sale: $13.99
Help!: $13.99
Rubber Soul: $13.99
Revolver: $13.99
Sgt. Pepper: $13.99
Magical Mystery Tour: $13.99
White Album: $19.99
Yellow Submarine: $14.99
Let It Be: $13.99
Abbey Road: $13.99
Past Masters (33 tracks): $22.99

Box sets don't seem to be listed.

Who has a guess as to why Yellow Submarine and With the Beatles are a buck extra?


Megan said...

I've given up trying to figure out the vagaries of the Amazon discounting system. Looks like SRP is $18.98 on all of them, actually, w/ the White Album and Past Masters at $24.98. I'm hoping like hell the box set carries some kind of discount, because... (slow whistle).

troy said...

As I noted on your site, I have now come to terms with the fact that I'll be buying both box sets. But man, that's a lot of tracks to be carrying around on an iPod. I might rename those guys the Remastered Beatles or something.

Megan said...

I know, right? I can already see myself shuffling a list of the old stereo versions, the new stereo versions, and the mono versions on the iPod, and giving myself headaches trying to parse the differences and my own preferences. Damn you, Apple Corps, why must you torment me so?

life of the beatles said...

Not sure about "With the Beatles," but for "Yellow Submarine" it was obviously George Martin holding out his instrumentals until they paid them that extra $1. "I'm not giving up 'Sea of Holes' that easily!" Just kidding - no one listens to those.