Wednesday, January 14, 2009

One thing this blog will not do

... is bemoan the state of the news media based on the frivolous stuff they publish. It's the internet, not a news hole, and it's a buffet, people. There's room for a little of everything. All the top stories of the day are covered in great depth somewhere, no space is taken away from them for Police Take Adolf Hitler From His Parents and Michele Bachman Not Planning To Kiss Obama.

*Disclaimer: Above heds taken from front page of Any suggestion that the Huffington Post qualifies as 'news media' does not necessarily reflect the opinion of management.


Tonto said...

Does this mean we're not going to discuss 'Dad accused of hiring hitman to beat his daughter' or 'Goats blamed for starting house fire in Iowa'?

troy said...

Cat, it's just me and you. We can discuss whatever you want.