Tuesday, January 20, 2009

'Thought' on 1.20.09

When it was over, I clapped briefly, not unlike when the national anthem finishes right before a Super Bowl in which the Patriots are playing. We made it this far; now it's time to finish it.


Tonto said...

I clapped when I saw that helicopter take off.


troy said...

I yelled "Bye bye!"

I also yelled "Yay!" when they first showed the Big Man.

I yelled something at the other guy, too, but it wasn't "Yay."

troy said...

I'll tell you what else I liked: the way O.B. kept it real. Even with Bush right next to him, he didn't candy-coat it. My favorite line, maybe: "I thank him for his service." Sounds like what they say at a solder's dishonorable discharge, or what the next CEO at Goldman Sachs might say about his predecessor.

thesearedreams@gmail.com said...

I also said bye bye when the copter flew off towards Rivendel, where all the Ringbearers go after they have completed their burden, but it sounded like:


then I probably said "yay" also that it was leaving. I liked how Obama's team made sure he got his ass on the copter, as if to make sure there was no way he could sneak back in through the kitchen door or something.

Thought OB's speach was right on, the whole thing actually made me doubt my cinicism (spelling unknown) towards government and life in general, which was interesting.

My word verification for this comment was "colyti," which reminds me of how Josh says my name.

troy said...

I really think the smart play was for the big guy to get in Marine 1 and follow the Bushes. I mean, they went straight for the White House. What if they'd landed on the pad there and tried to change the locks real quick?

I think your burgeoning faith is justified. I think we'll find that Obama is an all-timer. Smarter than most, interested in representing everyone and in consensus building, and with his heart in the right place. He'll make mistakes, but this is a legitimately exciting time.