Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ranking the Beatles my damn self: minyan

Get it?

75. I'm So Tired (The Beatles)

I was very surprised I didn't rank this higher. I think one thing this exercise has done is make me see that I really like some songs just because.

74. I Feel Fine (Past Masters vol. I)

What the hell is this doing on this disc? How is it different from Day Tripper and Paperback Writer? I used to really love this song; terrific vocals the whole way through.

73. Paperback Writer (Past Masters vol. II)

Why higher than I Feel Fine? For the production, I guess, the mixing, and the lyrics. I Feel Fine certainly has an argument, and might be more fun to sing.

72. This Boy (Past Masters vol. I)

Christ but he sings the ass off that bridge. He described Yes It Is as a knockoff of this, and I don’t know that that song is inferior to this one, but he definitely puts more energy into the bridge.

71. All I've Got to Do (With the Beatles)

I love the dynamics of this song; the way the verses are so languishy, and the bridge or chorus or whatever it is so energetic. Credit John's vocal and Ringo's drumming, I think.

70. I'm a Loser (For Sale)

I am sure I'm underrating this. Such a great song. If it weren't sandwiched between two even better songs, who knows where I might have put it?

69. Within You Without You (Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band)

Songcraft wins out over singability. I mean, hands down I like I'm a Loser much better than this. And I'm not too crazy about George's vocal here. But you've got to admire what they did in that studio.

68. Baby You're a Rich Man (Magical Mystery Tour)

Discovered it late, and still haven't listened to it too much, which helps. It's good to still have songs like that.

67. Get Back (Let It Be)

A shining jewel on this album. But why is Paul the only one who looks like he's having fun playing it? Even Ringo looks like's he's a session player.

66. Revolution 1 (The Beatles)

I like the production. Might go on just a little too long, but that befits its tempo, maybe. Some people seem to think John's "... out ... in ..." is a copout, but I think it's eloquent.

65. Run for Your Life (Rubber Soul)

LOVE this song. Awesome guitar sound, and nice chorus harmonies. Superfun to sing. Tough to explain the lyrics to a 3-year-old, though.

64. Back in the U.S.S.R. (The Beatles)

Helped immensely by the "Back in the U.S.- Back in the U.S.-" stutter part, which I still haven't figured out.

63. Fixing a Hole (Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band)

My first instinct is to say I've underrated this song a great deal, but I just scanned the ones above it and no, there really are 62 songs arguably even better than this one. This song seems like Paul is fighting the demons that made some of his songs a little hokey and old-timey; do the opening notes and the "Really doesn't matter if I'm wrong I'm right" parts much match the verse and the "Silly people" parts? What would I think of this song if it were all like the latter and not like the former?

62. It Won't Be Long (With the Beatles)

Could this be the most underrated of all Beatle songs ever (by others, not by me)? Does anyone even have this album who doesn't have all the Beatle albums? Is this song the best album opener of all time? What would I give to sound like John does here? How much worse would my mood be today if they hadn't started selling Cadbury Creme Eggs by now? These are all good questions. Rare personal note: Played this last night with the 3-year-old, and watching him try to time Paul and George's "Yeah!"s is just the right amount of fun to have at your kid's expense. Any more would be inhumane, like that redneck who filmed his kid freaking out from the anesthetic at the dentist.

* * *

Join us tomorrow, when we examine whether Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight/The End should be broken up or not -- or even if they can. Watch with delight as I come up with two different answers! It will astound and amaze you.

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