Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl 'thought'

I would like to see the great Springsteen.


Tonto said...

You want to see "great" Springsteen. Hmmmmm. Two ways to answer, Kimo Sabe.

Option 1: Hop in the DeLorean and plug in either 1975 or 1985.

Option 2: Buy tickets to see him in Chicago on May 12th, which I did about two hours ago.

Was Bruce "great" last night? All depends. Yes, at times he looked creaky and sounded out of breath hopping around out there. Don't we all. And the Big Man and the Gypsie looked waxy and bloated. Again, Don't we all.

But yes, he rocked. It's a Jersey thing. I'm OK with it.

My concern is that we've pretty much used up all of the decent Baby Boomer acts. Let's face it, these cats are getting OLD.

Because, y'know, we've "cleaned up" the halftime entertainment. Though the first year after the Janet/Timberlake "debacle," the NFL featured celebrated drug user Paul McCartney, who also once wrote and recorded the song "Why Don't We Do It In the Road," which was inspired by that time in India when he watched two monkeys banging their brains out in the middle of the street in broad daylight.

There were at least 3 commercials last night that had me uncomfortable watching with 7-year-olds (2 of the GoDaddys along with the box of talking rotten flowers screaming 'I don't want to see you naked' at some nice lady.) No worse, I guess, than an average televised baseball game, which usually features two Viva Viagra commercials before 8 p.m. ...

Anyway, I'm glad we've cleaned things up.


troy said...

Big Man didn't look waxy and bloated, he looked like a specter. I guess when you get that age, and 'sexy' is out of the question, you settle for 'badass.'

Never seen the Band. I'd settle for the 2009 version. I stayed away because almost everything for so long was so spare, a la Tom Joad. But now I see I'm missing out. If you got tickets two hours ago, and are an hour behind me, I imagine I'll be missing out this time too ...

Tonto said...

Good seats still available for 'New Kids on the Block' in Los Angeles, Green Bay, and Des Moines. Thank you.